Control & Demeter
Who we are

Control Demeter is a company which specializes in integrated demolition works management and the Project Management for the conception and execution of small and large demolition works, unique works, in which special techniques are used. It’s also a promoter of deconstruction (Selective demolition) in Spain and forerunner of new technologies and procedures designed to protect the environment.

Quality Certification
C&D acquired in 2002 the Quality Certificate ISO 9001 regarding the development and project management of deconstruction, demolition with explosives, waste management and soil decontamination. The certificate in Environmental Resource Management ISO 14001 concerning the development and project management of deconstruction, demolition with explosives and the dismantling of asbestos. In 2009 we also acquired the  OHSAS 18001 certification in security and occupational health.
Areas of Performance

Control Demeter set up Spain’s very first recycling plant in Barcelona, which has recycled 1.500.000 cubic meters which were used as a sub-base for the street layout of “la Villa Olímpica”.

The geographic scope of Control Demeter focuses on the Mediterranean basin, maintaining contact with Morocco, Israel, Egypt and Tunisia. Also in countries in Europe and Latin America.

Our Team
Patricia Mas-Beya
Patricia Mas-Beya
Manuel Algueró
Manuel Algueró