C&D is Spain’s pioneer in the commitment to preserve the environment, offering services such as management of toxic waste, soil decontamination and recovery of natural areas.

We promote selective deconstruction and we were forerunners of new technologies and procedures designed to protect the environment.

We also carried out the first study of the impact on the environment performing the works of the Fira 2000,SA.

C&D is dedicated to the recovery of contaminated soils and guarantees the recovery of the natural environment. It is the first ecological company in Spain, it currently manages soil decontamination.

– We adapt ourselves to the environment and respect it.

– We recover contaminated areas.

One of the most significant works is the deconstruction  of the Med Club in Cap de Creus.

C&D is a shareholder and founded partner in the Company Gestió de Terres i Runes, S.A. Company assigned by the Board of Waste of the Environmental Department of the “Generalitat of Catalunya”, operator of construction waste in the Port of Barcelona and in accordance with the resolution of November 23, 1998.They have authorized the activity to control the deposit of rubble from demolitions and other waste in construction.

CONTROL DEMETER carries out diagnostics for the detection, dismantling and manipulation of asbestos.

·  Friable asbestos
·  Non-friable asbestos
·  Work plan for handling asbestos and asbestos removal.

In 2002 C&D conducted the first management work to remove asbestos for the chemical company Boehringer.