The Environment

We produced the first Environmental Impact Study when implementing the Fira 2.000, S.Aworks.

In 2006, a new company known as Plus Reconstrucción, S.L was incorporated and engaged, exclusively, in recycling rubble from demolitions, renovation, refurbishing and construction works in order to operate with Gestora de Runesde la Construcció, S.A.(GRC) in the different expansions of thePort of Barcelona.

control demeter (through Plus Reconstrucción, S.L.) is a shareholder and founding partner of Gestió de Terres i Runes, A.I.E., a company authorised by the Waste Board of the Environmental Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia) on 02/12/94, as a construction waste operator at the Port of Barcelona.

The project to expand the Port of Barcelona by means of using deconstruction and construction rubble is a ground-breaking project in Spain and a global benchmark, while being the largest port in the Mediterranean. During the 26-year period, the works carried out have included building the Inflammables Dock, the Adosado Dock and the Southern Breakwarer where work is currently underway.

control demeter cleans industrial facilities (chemical, pharmaceutical, …), manages special waste and the cleaning of contaminated tanks.

In the year 2000, we performed the first soil decontamination (lead cleanup) at the Montjuïc Shooting Range for Barcelona City Council. We have since specialised in treating, restoring and managing impacted land, both in terms on the engineering and works.

During 2002, we performed the first asbestos removal work. Since then, we have become one of the leading companies in the treatment of asbestos in all its aspects.

In 2006, we deconstructed the Sa Sirena sonic beacon at the Cap de Creus in Cadaqués in order to restore the natural area at the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

In 2010, we performed the demolition using the deconstruction system in keeping with the environmental restoration executive project at the Paraje de Tudela reserve (Club Mediterranée) in the Cap de Creus Natural Park. The Paraje de Tudela, which is of great exceptional and geological value, is one of the five integral terrestrial reserves in the world and is the largest.

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