Plaça de les Glòries Barcelona, Spain
MB92 Barcelona, Spain
Central Térmica Puertollano, Spain
Barri de l'Erm Manlleu, Spain
Planta de Cogeneració de Gas El Prat de Llobregat, Spain

Committed to Ethics and the Environment
Green right from the start.

Deconstruction. Management. Recycling

Man cannot create without simultaneously destroying

Alvar Aalto

control demeter is a company specialising in the integral management of deconstruction works and in project management to design and implement small and large works of specific characteristics, and using special techniques in some cases.

control demeter is committed to the environment.

The control demeter  engineering team started operating in 1972.  Since 1987, it has been a trail-blazer in implementing green deconstructions by recycling and reusing the demolition waste. It installed the first recycling plant of the Spanish State in Barcelona.

Since 1994, in keeping with the spirit of sustainable development in the Aalborg charter, control demeter has undertaken the project management of deconstruction works, while rigorously respecting the environmental criteria established by the European Union. We manage soil decontamination, contaminating and toxic waste, friable and non-friable asbestos removal, and earthworks.

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